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        Global Design News:俞孔堅團隊創造一個“與洪水為友”的城市濱河濕地公園

        2022-10-06 來源:Global Design News

        Led by Kongjian Yu at Turenscape Design Institute, the goal of the Tongnan Dafo Temple Wetland Park was to create a flood-adapted riverside beach, returning the Fujiang Wetland and preserving the wetland environment of the river as much as possible, in order to compress the boundaries of urban balconies, erect pedestrian corridors, and increase the wetland experience space for citizens.11




        The site, adjacent to the fourth-level scenic spot of Dafo Temple on the south side, is located on both banks of the Fujiang River that flows through the central area of Tongnan District, Chongqing.


        It is a rare riverside beach oasis in a high-density city.


        With the vision of “walking along the river and flower embankment, three thousand beards pervading to search,”, the project explores two very important cultural elements of Tongnan: one is the shipping culture with a long history and the other is the Buddhist culture based on the Great Buddha Temple.




        Yu’s design is mainly realized through the following four aspects:


        First, to create a flexible design with flooding friendliness: Most of the sites are below the once-in-five-year flood line, which is easy to be submerged when the flood comes.


        Therefore, in the design area, the designer uses minimal intervention measures to maintain the geographical features as much as possible.




        On this basis, a pedestrian trail system is set up to increase the experience effect of the wetland.


        At the same time, arranging the main activity space and facilities in areas that are not easily flooded reduces the maintenance cost, and does not affect the citizen’s participation of the site.




        Second, the restoration of the habitat of animals and plants in the tidal flat: construct ecological slope protection, restore the original maple and grass vegetation on Jiangxin Island, and increase tree islands to provide habitat for birds.


        Third, to create a vibrant urban living room according to the adaptability of the land and the positioning of the project, divide different functional areas-sports and leisure area, urban balcony area, Dafo Temple wet area, with Fujiang bathing area, sports living room, urban balcony, and a variety of activity spaces such as ladder strolling, riverboat wetland, lotus pure land, secret practice, and provide a rich activity experience for citizens to play.




        Kongjian Yu and Turenscape Tongnan Dafo Temple Wetland Park

        And lastly, to investigate an in-depth exploration of local culture, sorting out the local culture and extracting the two cultures that are most suitable for the site, namely the Buddhist culture of the Dafo Temple section and the shipping culture corresponding to Jinfu Island.



        In this respect, the three-dimensional design is constructed through the site and the site, showing local characteristics and spirit.


        After the completion of the park, it enhanced the overall image of the city and became the new name card of Tongnan city.




        Based on the principle of protecting the wetland and re-stimulating the ecological function of the wetland, the designer uses the design concept of “flooding as a friend” to excavate regional cultural characteristics and increase the vitality of the site, providing a sample for the future urban landscape of Tongnan.




        Project: Tongnan Dafo Temple Wetland Park

        Landscape Architects: Turenscape Design Institute

        Client: Planning Bureau of Tongnan District, Chongqing






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